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Clay ( Soil ) Chemicals

Detailed use of FINE BURN CHEMICALS made by Jain Enterprise to remove soil impurities for brick kiln industry:-

1. F INE BURN HARD SOIL: - When the bricks made by hard soil they will be founded cracked when bricks became dry.  FINE BURN HARD SOIL Chemical converts the  hard soil  as per manufacturer requirements.

How to Use: Mix 60 gm of Hard Solid Find Burn Chemical in ½ bucket of water. Add the chemical properly and spray the chemical on the hard soil which is prepared for the making of 1000 bricks in one time. After that you can use natural water as per your requirement. Chemical automatically dissolve the soil into the water.

RESULTS: - When you make the bricks of the Fine Burn Hard Soil used chemical, you will definitely got the result as per your thoughts .

2. FINE BURN SANDY SOIL CHEMICAL: - Because of Sandy soil bricks got random shape. For this problem Jain Enterprises prepared a powerful product called FINE BURN SANDY SOIL. This chemical removes all the impurities from the soil which are disturbing the soil for the perfect use of brick making.

How to Use: - Mix 200gm FINE BURN SANDY SOIL Chemical in half bucket of water. Spray of the mixture on the soil which is prepared for 1000 bricks. Add natural water as per your requirement to mix the soil into the water. The soil is ready for brick.

RESULTS: - When you make the bricks of FINE BURN SANDY SOIL used chemical you will definitely found the well shape and more reliable brick.


            QTY                                       Amount/per ltr.                                 Total Amount

            5ltr.                                          Rs. 600/-                                              Rs. 3000/-

            30 ltr.                                                                                                   Rs. 18000/-


            QTY                                       Amount/ per ltr.                                Total Amount

            5 ltr.                                         Rs. 120/- per ltr.                                  Rs. 600/-

            30 ltr.                                                                                                   Rs. 3000/-

Transportation will be extra.
C.S.T., S.T. or other charges are excluded.
Payment in advance 100%

NOTE: On every order of Rs. 100000/- flat than we will give you an attractive less of 20% on the total amount.