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Small Business Accounting & Inventory Management Package

The Magic Software is a Financial Management Software helping you to have full control over your firm’s finances on a minute to minute basis. It will help you to generate Financial Reports like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Day Book, & Consumption of key raw-material visa-vis Production. This would not only help you have full control over inwards / outwards & consumption / production of stock, in addition also giving you valuable inputs on costing calculations per unit of production, plus control over your receipts & payments on real time basis would be quite handy.

Special Features for Small Business Accounting Magic & Small Business Inventory (Stock) Magic:

Accounting Magic Reports:

  • Ledger Report with item’s quantity & rate
  • Trial Balance Report with selected groups.
  • Option of Balance sheet with (Self) closing stock value available.

Inventory (Stock) Magic Reports:

  • Stock summary for Journal / Production / Consumption / Sale
  • Stock status for Quantity of Batch No. / Chatta No. in case of Brick Kilns.

User friendly:

  • Mouse operated
  • Fully Menu with Pop-Up Lists
  • Only basic knowledge of accounting.


  • Flexible units for quantity for items
  • Self Backup / Restore


  • Maintain item report with requirements
  • Use Batch No. / location wise Chatta No. for items

Transactions Entries:

  • Voucher entry on the basis of Single Entry System for end user
  • Voucher Entry (Payment/Receipt/Journal/Sale/Purchase/Contra) on the simple format with a simple style like To(Outwards) / By(Inwards)

Self Software Setup:

  • Install Software on computer self & operate it easily

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